Review Extract

Kannan is drawn to mighty rivers as well as small water bodies and their impact on human life. She feels a special affinity with the river Kaveri (also her nom de plume). She charts out the river’s physical magnitude, its diverse moods and its journey through the land, finally losing itself into the sea. Her prose poem “”Ponni Looks Back” lets the river speak out. (River Kaveri was called Ponni by the Tamil people). Says the river

I am a mother linking all the peoples of the land that I washed

linking birth, death and all that happens in between in the lives of the people.

The poet has used an unusual form that allows for a mixing of history, geography, mythology and the quotidian aspects of human life where prose and poetic imagination work together. It is a remarkable piece of writing.

Santosh Gupta, Muse India, Issue 91, May-June, 2020.